Pimali Association (CH) and Pimali Foundation (TH) are dedicated to fight exploitation of disadvantaged youths and to contribute to the reduction of poverty in the north-east of Thailand.

The Founders

The initiative was triggered by Stéphanie Des Arts-Loup’s experience during a stay in an orphanage in North-East Thailand.

She realized the difficulties encountered by disadvantaged youths to find a decent job after finishing their compulsory education. With this in mind, she decided to launch Pimali.

Stéphanie des Arts-Loup

Born and educated in Switzerland, double Swiss-Thai National and fluent in Thai, Stéphanie now lives in Thailand working full time for Pimali. She is a graduated dietitian and has a Federal marketing diploma. After starting her career as Brand Manager in the chocolate industry, she was Marketing Manager for a Geneva Watch brand and later working as part of the Management of a Five-Star Hotel. She also gained experience managing the Public Relations of a luxury watch retailer.

Alexandre des Arts

Swiss and German National, he has a Masters of Law degree as well as an Executive MBA of Geneva University. After working for a Geneva based bank, he co-founded an event company. Alexandre then worked as brand manager for l’Oréal, before setting up an international franchise net. He is presently working full time for Pimali in Thailand.

Pimali is an NGO,
based on the “learning by doing” concept.

PIMALI, Wings for Professional Future

We cannot help everybody,
but everybody can help someone.

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